Your First Gynecological Visit: What to Expect

A woman’s reproductive health is an issue whose importance cannot be overlooked. Despite having so many competent gynecologists around, several women choose to skip consulting one because they find the prospect of paying the gynecological doctor a visit a little too intimidating.

The best way to lessen some of this intimidation is to help you understand what exactly happens during your first OBGYN visit so you can prepare yourself accordingly.


1: Privacy is the Primary Concern:

Privacy is the primary concern not just for you but for your OBGYN doctor as well. Discussing your reproductive health and sexual history are private matters. Be assured that whatever information you exchange with your doctor it is going to remain just between the two of you.

There are proper laws regarding this.

2: It’s Not as Invasive as You Think:

Most females tend to perceive the gynecological exam to be one where all sorts of instruments would be used and they retrace their steps even before setting up an appointment with a good OBGYN doctor.

A breast exam, an abdominal exam and in some cases, a skin check are usually part of the OBGYN exam. On the other hand, an internal examination is mostly done if you are sexually active. For that purpose a speculum is used which allows the doctor to see the cervix. The speculum is usually made out of metal so it is going to be cold but it does not hurt at all. The vaginal walls are soft so there really is no reason for you to panic.

In some conditions, your OBGYN doctor might also want to perform a Pap Smear procedure on you to understand the cervical health better. The instruments used in that the Pap Smear also do not hurt at all. If you want you can always ask the doctor about the instruments.

The set-up of your gynecological clinic involves an examination table. The table is most likely going to have stirrups for you to place your heels on. This way, you do not have to keep your legs raised up all the while.

3. Being Nervous is Okay:

Since it is your first visit to an OBGYN doctor, a little nervousness is natural. It is common sense to maintain some hygiene but you do not have to excessively worry about how your private parts are going to be perceived by the OBGYN.

4: Be Honest:

For you to really get your time and money’s worth from this visit, you need to be open and honest with your doctor. Your doctor is not here to judge you for anything so you might as well keep the communication as honest as you can.

The honest you are about your health, your sexual history etc. the more information the OBGYN doctor will have which would allow them to give you the right medical assistance.

4: Do Your Research:

How well your first gynecological visit actually goes largely depends on who your OBGYN doctor is. Ideally, you should be looking for somebody who not only knows what they are doing, but is also friendly and patient.

Ask around for recommendations from trustworthy people or even look up some names on Google! Read the reviews other people may have left them to get a clearer picture of what to expect from which doctor.

And then book the appointment.