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By Eric Bentolila MD, PA
July 09, 2021
Category: OBGYN Care
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Pregnancy is a fairly long process that may feel overwhelming and exhausting some days. It’s important to work with your OBGYN to learn more about how to get the most out of your pregnancy and make sure that you and your baby are both healthy. Dr. Eric Bentolila and Dr. Jacqueline Saitta in Ridgewood and Bayonne, NJ, are here to offer assistance as well as advice on how to make your pregnancy a wonderful experience and make sure that you get the care that you and your baby deserve.

Pregnancy Care Tips

During your pregnancy, you’ll be spending a decent amount of time visiting your OBGYN in Ridgewood and Bayonne, NJ, to make sure that your baby is progressing as scheduled and to make sure that you are both healthy. When visiting your OBGYN, be sure to ask any and all questions you have so that your doctor can help ease your worries as well as provide you with the sufficient answers that you need to make everything easier for you and your baby.

Your doctor will discuss things like nutrition with you to make sure everyone is getting the nutrients they need to be healthy. You should be sure to consult with your doctor about what foods you can and can’t have, as well as figure out what your diet should look like.

Your OBGYN is here to help you on every step of the way during your pregnancy and it’s also important that you’re relaxing throughout your pregnancy and not overwhelming yourself or your baby!

Contact Your OBGYN Today!

Take care of yourself and your baby throughout your pregnancy by talking to your OBGYN regularly and being sure to follow any of the advice your doctor recommends. Contact Dr. Eric Bentolila and Dr. Jacqueline Saitta in Ridgewood and Bayonne, NJ, today at (201) 447-1700 for the office in Ridgewood, NJ, and (201) 447-0467 for the office in Bayonne, NJ.